Well well well…Good news from the jungle

After months of searching, I am thrilled to have finally found a publisher for my novel A Woman of Good Standing. Montreal Publishing Company has agreed to take on the project and do a big edit in order to make it into a Young Adult novel.

I am excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to see what changes the editors at Montreal Publishing Company will make. This is an amazing opportunity for me as an author and I’m looking forward to working with them on this project.

The above was written by an AI text generator. What do you think? Me? I can smell robot all over this copy, but the essentials are correct. So here’s the skinny. The MPC are a new house that live for the art of writing and the power of words. I like that. A lot. A whole lot!!!! It’s not all “Is she the next Sarah Waters?” Not that I wouldn’t like to be the next Sarah Waters, but these folks are definitely interested in words and not dollars. If our craft is going to keep growing, we need publishers who put the art before the dollars and cents. A lot of cents in terms of residuals.

Since writers generally make enough moolah to share an apartment in Toronto with 5 others, eating noodles with some oil on them, the money would be super swell. But heck, we didn’t chase this path. The writing path chose us, compelled us, to dance down the road of life living for the power of the written word. My next post will be about the decision to go YA.


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